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Welcome to Boro Kabob!

We are proudly introducing our restaurant to our consumers and want to share our passion for the food and beverages industry with you. Coming from families of restaurateurs and deeply rooted in Persian culture and tradition, we are committed to offer excellence in providing a lasting culinary experience to our consumers. Our tagline simply represents “Welcome and Treat Yourself to Kabob & More”.

Boro Kabob Restaurant and Kabob House is a trendy take-out restaurant that embraces a trendy twist on traditional kabob restaurants and cuisine in a mystic environment.

Boro Kabob is located in Columbia, Maryland, in a casual and an enticing environment with a retro-looking interior. Our aesthetic and light-hearted décor features not only the famous Mediterranean blue color but also orange as a representation of an appetizing, satisfying and energizing menu that Boro Kabob offers to its clients.

The ambiance and mystic vibe are certainly reflected in our menu that is inspired by the Persian and Mediterranean cuisine. Boro Kabob takes pride in sharing authentic Persian and modern Mediterranean dishes, that will certainly fulfill your senses of a nostalgic culinary experience.

Enjoy our dishes!

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